Gangnam style

Gangnam style meets jibjab style when you star in the viral music video that's taken the world by storm. Keep that in mind as you read about how psy, the south korean rapper beloved in the united states for his mega-hit gangnam style,. He's smart, talented & knows the business (as well as artistic) side of music he's known worldwide for #gangnamstyle, but his repertoire runs deep listen to. The latest articles about gangnam style from mashable, the media and tech company.

The first time i saw the viral gangnam style music video -- even though i don't speak a word of korean -- something about it absolutely tickled. Psy's “gangnam style” took the world by storm two years ago his song broke the guinness world record to become the first video to reach a billion views. The el monte, calif, city council has voted to reinstate 14 city lifeguards who were fired after making a gangnam style' spoo f video at the el.

“gangnam style” was downloaded 301,000 times (a 69 percent increase) last week, and it shifted from a canter to a gallop at radio, too thanks. South korean pop star psy's gangnam style video has become the first clip to attract more than one billion views on youtube. This robot dances gangnam style better than you charli, already a renowned soccer player, is now a slick dancer by colin schultz. Gangnam style is a korean neologism mainly associated with upscale fashion and lavish lifestyle associated with trendsetters in seoul's gangnam district.

Heard about gangnam style sure you have it is very difficult, if not impossible, to not have heard about it it is all over the news again. As first predicted by digital music news, luis fonsi's 'despacito' has surpassed psy's 'gangnam style' in youtube it may also soon reach the. Here's the english translation of 'gangnam style' (think of psy's treatment of gangnam as a parallel to the united states' love-hate. Just a fun bit of trivia for the coders out there: psy's gangnam style has been viewed so many times that it broke youtube's view counter,.

Gangnam style

The “gangnam style” star said he had moved on from on the success of the 2012 smash hit that sent him flying to the top of music charts. There's a new record-breaking, most-watched youtube video — wiz khalifa and charlie puth's “see you again” the warner music group. Years after it first took over the planet and introduced millions, if not billions, of people to k-pop music, psy's “gangnam style” has finally.

Youtube sensation psy and his single 'gangnam style', has been 'liked' in excess of 2141758 times, making it the most liked video in. Read gangnam style (cd single) reviews from parents on common sense media become a member to write your own review. The spread of disease has always followed a clear pattern the outbreak begins at a specific place and time and then spreads in a wavelike.

When most americans think of korean pop music, colloquially called k-pop, what comes to mind is usually psy's “gangnam style” — a. Although it's no longer 2012, apparently people are still watching the youtube video for korean pop star psy's smash hit song gangnam style. It used to be that having a million youtube views was cool it used to be that 800 million views would be enough to make you youtube's most.

gangnam style Editors' notes even if you still haven't heard “gangnam style,” there's more  than a good chance you've heard of the worldwide smash single released by. gangnam style Editors' notes even if you still haven't heard “gangnam style,” there's more  than a good chance you've heard of the worldwide smash single released by.
Gangnam style
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